Happy dragon boat festival

Tomorrow is dragon boat festival, I and father mother go together Woerma goes buying a zhongzi.

Arrive Woerma, I run to look for a zhongzi with respect to rapid ground. Wow! Here huge crowd of people, really lively. Well? How is that place person special much? Taking away doubt I looked in the past after all. Oh! Buy a zhongzi so, the zhongzi breed here is really too much: Of beef stuffing, of red jujube stuffing, of chop stuffing, of earthnut stuffing... my what look saliva should flow. Took a bag rapidly, say to mom: "Mom, I like to eat fresh chopped meat, I should be bought more a few. " mom nods express to agree, then I bought the zhongzi of a lot of fresh chopped meat.

Buy a zhongzi, we bought a lot of things again, have a meal in hall of Xiang Shang coffee next, had eaten a meal, we came home cheerfully, really happy today!

Look! This is the zhongzi that I buy, but delicious!


The Dragon Boat Festival ,also called the Duanwu Festival ,is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar.People always eat rice dumplings and watch dragon boat races to celebrate it.

The festival is best known for its dragon-boat races,especially in the southern places where there are many rivers and lakes. Ití s very popular.

The rice dumpling is made of glutinous rice,meat and so on. You can eat different kinds of rice dumplings.They are very delicious.

And Dragon Boat Festival is for Qu Yuan. He is an honest minister who is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in a river.

Overall, the Dragon Boat Festival is very interesting!



Dragon Boat Festival is an ancient traditional festivals, began in the Spring and Autumn period, has been 2000 years of history. Dragon Boat Festival originated from Qu Yuan's story: Qu Yuan advocated by the virtuous and Empowerment, Fuguoqiangbing, advocated joint Qi Kang Qin, it was noble son of Lan and others strongly opposed, the result being greedy Qu Yuan has resigned, and was driven out of capital, exiled to Yuan, Xiang River. 278 BC, the Qin break Chu Kyoto. Qu Yuan saw their country invaded, Xinrudaoge, but still could not bear to give up their own country, in the May 5, the pen never wrote a "Huaisha", the bouldering vote Miluo River body death, taking our own lives composed a magnificent song of patriotism movement. Legend of Qu Yuan's death, the state of Chu people abnormal grief, have rushed to pay tribute to Qu Yuan Miluo River. Fishermen are drawn from the vessel, in the river salvage his real body back and forth. One fisherman come prepared for Qu Yuan's rice balls, eggs and other food, "thump, thump" land thrown into the river, saying it was fed to fish, crab, lobster, they will not bite Qu doctor's health. People see below followed suit. An old doctor was brought an altar Announcements, updates, poured into the river, saying that the water should be drug halo dragon beast, so as not to hurt the doctor bent. Later, as the dragon balls for fear of food, people come up with neem leaves Ssambap, outer wrapped wire color has developed into zongzi. After the fifth day of May of each year, there is a dragon boat races, eating dumplings, drink Announcements, updates, customs, in order to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan.

Dragon Boat Festival is a tradition to eat dumplings. Whenever the fifth day of May, my mother would pack a number of dumplings, let us satisfy their appetites. Mama's dumplings packages are particularly tasty, one end of the table, the smell of the fragrance comes, I will be devoured his brother and Dad have to eat, will not rest until eat.

The Dragon Boat Festival kids wear Sachet, legends evil blast meaning flooding, is actually a window dressing for the first lapel. Sachet containing cinnabar, realgar, incense medicine, outsourcing to cloth, fragrance lovers, and then to buckle into a five-color silk string cable for a variety of different shapes, form a string, all kinds, cute.

Wearing a sachet, relish in eating the fragrant rice dumplings, the Dragon Boat Festival, I have more heart indescribably happy. Today, Dragon Boat Festival has been the national statutory holiday and that China's folk customs handed down from generation to generation!


"61 " , it is Children's Festival day, be in this day, we but glad, everybody is met to the top of one's bent amuse oneself, only joyous song laughed that day language, all not happy, cast after the head completely. In the morning, had eaten breakfast, I come cheerly to earthly square, each lofty sentiments is full of classmates, in spirits. Them each holds each head high hold out a bosom, each is perky and dye-in-the-wood. Today, also be the day that new team member joins a group, it is the Young Pioneer fastens red scarf to the chairman above all, young Pioneers are discharging orderly team, went up rostrum, the experienced chairman that goes up to the stage has fastened red scarf. In them skilled pose falls, gave me not little encourage, I am thinking, they are OK, why am I not OK? In the side they adorn when red scarf, I am a bit excited, also fear a bit, I feel this is a how glorious thing, but I fear again oneself made a mistake. The little little sisters of little little brother of that batch of one grade wore red scarf proudly, make a pledge below bright-coloured ensign, this is additional also the joyance when I remember first time wears red scarf. The uncle aunt on the side people taking camera, take the hour that left this joy, they look at their children to join a group gloriously, dou Lou gave bright smile. After flag-raising ceremony ends, everybody is stepping orderly pace to come to the place of pleasance, there is happy smile on everybody's face, search the sport that oneself like severally. And before the game of our class, discharging to grow senior team, everybody is interested in this game very much, I am in look at aside, see the look of their kickball: Some is sweating; Some showed bright smile; Some seeming is to expressing to be not in kicking cannot... they the ball ability that each is showing oneself, everybody is so outstanding. Passed a little while, the good friend walks over, ask why I don't play game? I listen, say to her: "You do not say I still forgot to have really so much interesting game. " say, I search the sport that I like. I strolled in garden circuit, abrupt by " essay question " game place is attracted, then I am on team of in front of excitedly. I see the classmate in front replies correctly, I feared a bit, it is too difficult to fear to inscribe, I won't reply. To me, my heart jump continuously, take a step ahead slowly, after viewing a subject, I thought a little while, guessed. I feel this game is very easy, played a few times again. There is atmosphere in little ground. Happy laugh, ground of for a long time is on field resound. Time one second ground went, pleasance activity also ended. I cross the 61 Children's Festivals this year really interestingly! This will become the jewel of a glaring bright in my life memory. Wish everybody: "Happy Children Day! "









Long for ah long for, longed for annual 61 Children's Festivals eventually. 61 Children's Festivals are the red-letter day that the child likes most arrived one day that, what everybody dresses up is beautiful, wearing oneself new clothes and new trousers to come to the school. The school prepares the program of garden party for us, the blind feels tail of ball, picture, 2 people 3 sufficient etc. I played the blind to feel a ball, the teacher binds my eye, next, I go by to be patted with the hand all the time, oh, do not pat, but, the teacher also gives me a gift. I am much happier! Finally, the teacher calls us to return a class had sat to send a gift to give us in the room, we receive the laugh with the happy gift that the teacher sends. 61 Children's Festivals are how happy! I if only 61 Children's Festivals should open many play again.



Today is the Lantern Festival. After dinner, my father, my mother happily go along the street to see lanterns.

Night was beautiful ! The city is gorgeous holiday dress was the incomparable beauty of street lights. A string of lights, like an endless torrent of the river flash. Looking around us, a street-lamp is like a long Yinlong, has been extending toward the horizon. High-rise buildings on a variety of neon flashing constantly. Colorful lights on the bridge shooting non-stop fire with. It seems that we came to the light of the ocean. I looked up, Hey, today's stars in the sky, the moon, how are all gone? Oh, the original, ornate street lighting is too beautiful, the stars, the moon is not scared out of hiding.

Packed the streets crowded. Stalls selling lamps are packed with visitors. Really more than this year's lantern varieties, there are a variety of chicken lights, because this is the Year of the Rooster, so a particularly large number of chicken lights, dragonfly light, Hua Mao Light ... ... Monkey King in particular, eyes that light, then two eyes flicker The. Is really divine! Children should have their hands raised forward to their favorite lantern, he hobbled down to land, everyone's faces were filled with festive joy.

Night, I had a dreams, dreams himself into a rabbit lamp, my body's coat can be colored, and Rattus in the mixed with some white feather. Two round red eyes flashing from time to time with really cute! I have also holding a large radish. I was proud to mention that in the hands of children, is really divine!


Children's Day

On June 1st day, all children are very happy. On that day ,we don't go to school.Most of the children will go to the park. In the park, some children are flying kites, some are playing football, and some are playing a game.In the sky,there are a lot of kites.But there is only once a year we will have this happy festival.I think Children's Day is the most important holiday for the children.Because everybody has fun on that day!