The same time like an arrow, suddenly gone, the last really memorable good times in the past years, many people yearn to tell you today, I look to my past.

When I was five, I went out to pasture for a school to go home, sit all day cattle back, like a shepherd, always singing "cowboy riding cattle, singing the town of Lin." Every day into night 78 points, came back to wash dinner meal and watch the moon lay on the grass. Have an accident, sitting cattle back, just thunder, I was hit by lightning a bit, then collapsed to the ground, my friends see my cattle back from the cow fell off and quickly called my mother to the family man-I in three days, searched all the major hospitals, doctors say useless, and hold each desperate to come back, then they want to bury me, Who would have thought I played 5 years with a dog came to my bedroom, with a Tim the tongue a little, I woke up, doctors later said it was a miracle.

I know this is useless to tell you, because you would not believe, and if I talk about fantasy, you love letter on the letter, do not believe even


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这就是我的英语老师(this is my english teacher)

这就是我的英语老师(this is my english teacher)

she is 23 years old . she has got long hair . she has got small body ; her feet are small ; her eyes are big ; her hands are big ; her ears are small . she is beautiful . i love my english teacher !



Sunday morning, Xiao-qing sleep Masaka and suddenly she heard "Susu" sound, quarrel not feel she was sleeping. She reluctantly sat up and rubbed his eyes, went to the window before slowly and gently open the windows a look, wow! That the outside is a feather-like snow under it! Xiao-Qing are pleased to have had crowed. She could not wait to put on the skates, breath ran Fengchi Park.

Fengchi Park may more, some in the snowball fight, and some to be a gift to Santa Claus, and some with happy singing, dancing, as well as a cute little dog along the path printed out a strange footprints it! It sat there quietly, as if never seen snow like. Xiao-Qing also started skating, and suddenly there was a little boy picked up a snowball, is preparing threw Xiao-qing, Xiao-qing can be smart, and suddenly slipped passed, but also a hippie smile, said: "hey, Dabu Zhao, you is Dabu Zhao! "He was furious even the brows are erected come. More than that, there's a glorious position of the Christmas tree, Christmas tree there are many candles, gifts and bells. Santa Claus has also prepared a number of colorful trees a gift, as if to give to all the kids play at the snow, the beautiful great.

This is really a happy Christmas !



Southwest drought is China's southwestern Yunnan Province caused a great deal of influence, this time of drought also launched our enormous human and material support. I saw their side of the area, the land above, stiff like a piece of the puzzle pieces to separate the same. One by one people are left to rely on water to maintain life. There are some places to have no remaining water, mud on the ground will be looking to drink, and temporary life support. In the absence of water support, most of the crops have withered, and people do not eat rice and vegetables, can barely eat the remaining vegetables to the ground for more than fill their stomachs.

Looking at these pictures, reports and written materials, my heart is really tremendous pain. We always think that water is renewable resource, often without use of waste water. But people do not know, there are many recycled water is already contaminated, have been unable to use by people. And determined to pull out all my Rare and water, do their best to not let water in to be destroyed.

I think that we are all Chinese, a difficult one, P Plus support should be. Although I can not go further to do human work, but I can give a little to their economic resources, although the money is a small, but it can be considered a token of my ah. I'm past the arid southwest to the end quickly so that people in the area southwest of a happy early days.


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我的英语课堂(my english classroom)

我的英语课堂(my english classroom)

this is my english classroom . it is not big and not small . we usually study in the classroom .

there is a blackboard in front of the classroom .it is not big ,but it is helpful .my english teacher usually writes some english letter .the air-conditioner is on the right in the wall .it is white .in summer ,it is cool to us .there is a clock on the behind wall .it is blue and cute .it tells us the time .there are three long desks in middle of the classroom and there are three small desks on the right in the classroom .

look !this is my classroom .i like it.



Dragon Boat Festival is an ancient traditional festivals, began in the Spring and Autumn period, has been 2000 years of history. Dragon Boat Festival originated from Qu Yuan's story: Qu Yuan advocated by the virtuous and Empowerment, Fuguoqiangbing, advocated joint Qi Kang Qin, it was noble son of Lan and others strongly opposed, the result being greedy Qu Yuan has resigned, and was driven out of capital, exiled to Yuan, Xiang River. 278 BC, the Qin break Chu Kyoto. Qu Yuan saw their country invaded, Xinrudaoge, but still could not bear to give up their own country, in the May 5, the pen never wrote a "Huaisha", the bouldering vote Miluo River body death, taking our own lives composed a magnificent song of patriotism movement. Legend of Qu Yuan's death, the state of Chu people abnormal grief, have rushed to pay tribute to Qu Yuan Miluo River. Fishermen are drawn from the vessel, in the river salvage his real body back and forth. One fisherman come prepared for Qu Yuan's rice balls, eggs and other food, "thump, thump" land thrown into the river, saying it was fed to fish, crab, lobster, they will not bite Qu doctor's health. People see below followed suit. An old doctor was brought an altar Announcements, updates, poured into the river, saying that the water should be drug halo dragon beast, so as not to hurt the doctor bent. Later, as the dragon balls for fear of food, people come up with neem leaves Ssambap, outer wrapped wire color has developed into zongzi. After the fifth day of May of each year, there is a dragon boat races, eating dumplings, drink Announcements, updates, customs, in order to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan.

Dragon Boat Festival is a tradition to eat dumplings. Whenever the fifth day of May, my mother would pack a number of dumplings, let us satisfy their appetites. Mama's dumplings packages are particularly tasty, one end of the table, the smell of the fragrance comes, I will be devoured his brother and Dad have to eat, will not rest until eat.

The Dragon Boat Festival kids wear Sachet, legends evil blast meaning flooding, is actually a window dressing for the first lapel. Sachet containing cinnabar, realgar, incense medicine, outsourcing to cloth, fragrance lovers, and then to buckle into a five-color silk string cable for a variety of different shapes, form a string, all kinds, cute.

Wearing a sachet, relish in eating the fragrant rice dumplings, the Dragon Boat Festival, I have more heart indescribably happy. Today, Dragon Boat Festival has been the national statutory holiday and that China's folk customs handed down from generation to generation!




Monday morning, the teachers teach us the language dictionary.

The teacher said: "phonetic search the word, so check capital letters, then check the word syllable; radical method is to first check the number of radical words a few pictures and then find the radicals, to find the number next to see, then, from the Department of The first search word to find words to search and then find the word following the page number. "

After listening to the teacher's explanation, I thought: look up the dictionary so difficult, I can learn it? Teacher first told us to check to "solve" the "solution" to the word. I cautiously opened a "corner" had been found in the word, is 78. I am pleased to be dancing, the teachers asked us check on the right is of a few. I counted a total of 6 document. Along the lessons I found in the 368 in a "solution" to the word, I cried with excitement.

Ah! I finally learned to look up the dictionary it!



In the afternoon, the breeze gently blowing about 11 unfamiliar faces; sunlight sprinkled on the ground, adding to the somewhat angry. I was standing under a tree. This is really a hot summer, as young as 5 years old I, like heart and look childish. I'm waiting for cousin and his cousin, I have an appointment to go to adventure with them.

Time as the leaves of the "imperfections" sound goes forward. People really drowsy afternoon Na, either cousin and his cousin suddenly appeared behind me, I might have been lying in this snore of.

"You are shameless!" I am dissatisfied with it, "that you so long to come, I have to sleep!"

"Today we do not go to adventure, and we play this bar!" Upon saying this, cousin does not know where to pull out of a football. Humph! Obvious that he was timid and afraid to go their own! But look at you with football's sake, Oh, give you a face.

"Good!" My cousin applaud.

To find a drift with cinnamon open spaces, with their feet control the football, forget everything, forget the whole world.

"Black!" A loud crash, stunned us, suddenly anxious to know what to do. As the saying goes: Thirty-Six Stratagems away as fast as the best way!

We looked at each other boo, to the soles of the feet of the point of wiping oil, stroll in!

Cousin afraid of my aunt scolded and hid in my home. See his expression, that he is very uncomfortable, because the ball is his band to play suggested that he mention that he kicked the glass is broken.

An emergency, I wanted to pee-pee. On the toilet in my time, my cousin was stuck in the toilet, forced me to help him a scapegoat. Huh? Bear the blame for that? Let's just let out of the toilet start to say, I takes numerous! I was forced to agree, and only from that horrible place to escape.

What is a black mark against them in the end? By the way, my mother frying pan is not black do?哈哈! Made a scapegoat can be really easy ah!

Not surprisingly, that family turned out her door came. Mother to kick out the three of us one by one, I am carrying a black mark against them, from the bed to climb out of.

Mom looked at me, she stayed, I stayed. One asked, things began to realize that context, he was angry, but there are enough to create misunderstandings.

The memories are always with a smile. Afternoon breeze blowing over again, which is the childhood mixed atmosphere, sealed in their hearts, has been and will always be!



If the winds are color, there are colorful colors, then the more Well!

If the wind is red, in celebration of the festival, Feng ER one blow, the streets are glowing red, and even added a fun and lively atmosphere, make it faces wearing smiles, more happy, happy.

Involvement wind is orange or yellow, Feng ER a blow, the earth all year round bumper grain harvest, either barren or fertile land, can grow out of glistening yellow food, food from around the world will not worry about, but will not be Food issues lead to war. So, can there be more people for us to think about the future of humanity.

If the wind is green, or blue, and Feng ER a blow, the world is full of greenery everywhere, every day we breathe the fresh air, bad weather has also been reduced. Due to human pollution of the environment created by their own things, such as vehicle exhaust, do not have a huge impact on us. Therefore, the Earth Mother will be more young and beautiful.

If the wind is blue, Feng ER one blow, the sky becomes blue and blue, so we bid farewell to gray skies up early in the morning and saw the blue sky, bright sunshine, there is a good mood! The sea will become more blue, the sea creatures more and more, and many endangered marine animals in the ocean back to life, and can breed more offspring.

If the wind is purple, and Feng ER a blow, presenting before our eyes is the heavy grapes, huge eggplant. . . . . Many, many purple fruits and vegetables. The face of heavy fruit, vegetables, we can get a lot of nutrients, makes us more intelligent, stronger, for the motherland, make a greater contribution to tomorrow!

If the wind has color, then be nice ah! People can live a carefree life, hope in the future, people can live happy lives.